1.     Must be 21 years of age or older
  2.     Valid driver's license
  3.     If born After 1992 must have a vaild Boaters education card to operate any boat
  4.     Signed Contract Agreements and related documents


  1.     Compliance with Membership Agreement
  2.     Must follow all state, local, and federal boating laws
  3.     Must place credit card on file
  4.     Financially responsible for damaging or losing club property and equipment (including boats)
  5.     Ensure that boats are properly secured when docked or anchored.
  6.     Must follow check-in and check-out procedures
  7.     Only Boat Club members may operate boats
  8.     Must never use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while operating boats
  9.     Operators are responsible for their passengers and guests following Boat Club rules.
  10.     Responsible for removing all personal items and refuse when returning boats
  11.     Responsible to ensure all electrical and mechanical devices, such as depth fmders, GPS, radios, motors etc., are off and secured when returning boats
  12.     Members are responsible for providing fitted PFDs for children 12 and under. Boat Club Provides the required number of PFDs per boat.
  13.     No trailering or removing vessels from water is allowed.

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The management and staff are proud of our facility are happy to announce that we were selected yet again for "Marina of the Year" by the Marina Association of Texas in 2007 to go along with our 1998 award.

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